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FRVS Storage Tanks 50 KL Horizontal Storage Tank

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POLY PLAST made storage tanks are available in capacities ranging from 1 m3 to 400 m3. Generally tanks upto 150 m3 are made at our factory and beyond that are made at the customer's site. We also offer complete accessories like ladders, railing, float type level indicators etc. as per the customer's specifications and requirement.

POLY PLAST manufactures contact moulded/hand lay-up tanks a well as Filament-Wound tanks made on Filament Winding Machines as well as dual laminated tanks with a thermoplastic liner such as PP, PVC, CPVC, ECTFE, PVDF, FEP, TFM etc. POLY PLAST manufactured one of the largest rectangular tank (80,000 Ltrs. Cap.) having size: 9200 x 3400 x 2800 mm.

POLY PLAST holds the record of manufacturing
• A 300m3 PP/FRP Vertical storage tank.
• The largest capacity horizontal type pressure vessel of 50,000 Ltrs working at 1 kg/cm2 pressure.

This equipment is in service since 1997 and is giving excellent performance.
• A 180m3 capacity HCL storage tank in vertical construction, is still giving outstanding service since 1991.

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