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Scrubbing System

Poly Plast Chemi Plants (I) Pvt. Ltd. Specializes in designing various types of Scrubbing Systems for Chemical / Pharmaceutical/ Steel/ Sulphonation Industry. We design :

� Packed Scrubbers
� Plate Scrubbers
� Venturi Scrubbers
� Spray Towers/Columns
� Plate & Packed Combination Scrubbers

Our Scrubbers help in stopping environmental contamination made by industries, while designing these systems we give utmost importance to conserving energy for the future. Designing system with lowest energy consumption is our priority. We help companies achieve the pollution control norms laid by various government agencies.

Our towers are used not only to control/ prevent pollution, but it is extensively used for the production of Sodium hypo chloride & sodium hydro sulphide.

Scrubbers are available in different material of construction as per clients requirements. The MOC�s are FRP/ GRP & dual composites consisting of PP, PVC, CPVC, HDPE, PVDF, PTFE, ECTFE, FEP, PFA.

We design scrubbers with guaranteed gas concentration at the outlet, we have technical expertise to reduce the power consumption of the blowers and reduce the cost & payout period of the scrubbing system.

A scrubbing system generally consist of :

1.Tower / Column
2.Recirculation Tank
3.Recirculation Piping
8.Tower internals

We have designed scrubbers for following gasses :

� Hydrochloric Acid Fumes
� Chlorine Gas/ Chlorine Emergency Scrubber for Tonner Leakage
� Sodium Hydroxide Leakage fumes
� Bromine Gas
� Hydrogen Fluoride Gas
� Sulphur Dioxide
� Sulphur Trioxide
� Hydrogen Sulphide
� Ammonia
� Hydrogen Bromide Gas
� Thionyl Chloride
� Nitrogen Dioxide & Nitrogen Trioxide
� Formic Acid gas
� Dimethyl Sulphate Gas

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