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POLY PLAST undertakes FRP lining to large volume C.S. / M.S. Tanks, Silos, Petroleum Tanks, Molasses Alcohol Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels using different resin system such as Isopthalic, Bisphenol, Vinyl Ester and other imported resins.

We also line CS/SS Reaction Vessels, Process Vessels, Stirrers with conventional Plastic such as PVC, PP, CPVC, FRP etc. Our specialization and expertise is in lining vessels with Fluoro-Polymers such as PVDF , ECTFE, FEP, PTFE, and TFM (Modified PTFE). It is not out of place to mention, that we are the first company in India to Fabricat TFM / FRV Vessels of 50,000 Itrs. for working temperature 110�C. Specially designed highly complicated MS Stirrer for this vessel is also lined with TFM. TFM have a remarkably unique property. TFM lining can replace in many cases the conventional high cost materials such as Alloy Steel, Hastalloy, Titanium, Monel and Glass lined equipments.

We also manufacture and supply dual laminated Fluoro-Polymers / FRP equipments which are economical in price, light in weight easy to handle and install and is also possible to repair in-situ.

TFM Lined Stirrer


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Fluoro Polymer Sheet Lined Products

POLY PLAST is recognized as a leading supplier in the field of Fluoro Polymer lined equipments for a variety of applications in Chemical, Agro Chemical, Biotechnology and other industries.

These lining are characterised by outstanding chemical resistance for high purity chemicals, compatibility at both high and low temperature and excellent corrosion resistance. Fluoropolymer liners such as PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, MFA, PFA and modified PTFE (TFM) can be employed as dual laminate, sheet lining, loose lining and fix point lining.

PVDF Lined Agitated Nusche Filter

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TFM Lines Cs Tower Selection Piece

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