FRP Panel Tanks / GRP Panel Tanks Manufacturer & Supplier

Panel tanks are a replacement to the conventional cylindrical& rectangular tanks & the advantages are as below :

Flexible sizes and shapes by design could range from 50 m to 1000 m.
Can easily be extended at any time as storage requirement increase.
Can be relocated easily from one location to another several times.

Average life of the tanks is 8-10 years.
Tested for heavy impact, weather, loads, settling and earth quakes.
Good UV Resistance

Excellent smooth surface to prevent dust from sticking to the wall.
Tanks are completely sealed from inside in order to restrict any addition of foreign particles
No metal components need to be in contact with water. Reinforcement, bolts and nuts for assembly are on the outside.

Exclusive design of convex bottom panels with flexible rubber sealant is most effective against risk of leakage.
Modular panel with low thermal coefficient and flexible rubber sealant& gasket ensures a leak free design.
Accessible from all sides for easy visual inspection.

Extremely cheap as compared to conventional tanks
Rate comes to an average of 7-8 Rs / liter depending upon the size

Who would require these kind of tanks ?
Industries for storing process water or fire fighting water
Municipalities & MIDC
Commercial complexes for storing fire fighting water or Anyone who requires to store huge amounts of water at a cheap cost


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