FRP Gratings / GRP Gratings Manufacturer & Supplier

FRP Gratings / GRP Gratings Manufacturer & Supplier







Gratings are regularly placed parallel elongated elements perpendicular to each other generally forming a mesh

Methods Of Manufacturing :
Hand moulding where glassfibers are manually put along with resin & compressed properly in matrix moulds to make grating Pultrusion

Isophthalic resin
Normal Vinylester resin
Special Vinylester resin
Fire retardant resin
PP gratings are used as internals in scrubbers & fume exhaust systems

Advantages :
Do not corrode like metal,can be custom made for different corrosive environments
Good in corrosion environments
Lower maintenance cost
Anti slip
Standard designed for 500 Kg/m2, can be designed for higher loads

Use :
Bridge decks, filters & steps, tank farm structures, drain covering
Stair treds
Onshore / Ofshore platform
Flooring in acid washing areas

Technical specifications
Size : 1mx1m
Mesh : 30mm x 30mm
Thickness : 10 mm peripheral ribs & 8 mm internal ribs

Weight carrying capacity : 500 Kg/m2


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